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Oficiálny zoznam pesničiek z nového albumu

13. 1. 2007

"Work It" (The theme song to their show "The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll" (lead singer is set to be Nicole)
* "Rolling With You" (lead singers:Melody and Nicole)
* "Break Up" (lead singer:Nicole)
* "Have It Your Way" (lead singers:Melody and Nicole)
* "Got My Back" (lead singer:Carmit)
* "Charging U" (lead singer:Melody)
* "U R Mine" (lead singer:Melody)
* "Turn It On" (lead singers:Nicole & Carmit)
* "Your Warmness" (lead singer:Nicole)
* "Touch Me (feat.Akon)" (Lead by
* "Winning the Fight" (Lead by Nicole)
* "Never Underestimate a Pussycat" (Lead by Nicole, Melody & Carmit)
* "The World Is In Your Hands" (Lead by
Ashley & Melody)
* "Temted To Have U" (Lead by Nicole)
* "Show Me What You Got" (Lead by everyone)